Disinilah tempat kumpulan cerita yang dimuat di blog ini, ada oneshot, series juga ada. Beberapa FF masih dalam proses penyelesaian.

—- Oneshot —-

What is Love (Do Kyung-Soo)

Famous Girl (Do Kyung-Soo)

For You (Kim Myung-Soo)

On Days that I Miss You (Kim Ki-Bum)

Because Its Still You (Zhang Yi-Xing)

Just In Time (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

Missing Kyu (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

Love Like This (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

I Hate My Self (Lee Dong-Hae)

I’m The Bigger Fool (Lee Dong-Hae)

The last Phrase (Lee Dong-Hae)

Special Birthday (Lee Dong-Hae)

—- Series —-

Let Me Love You (Cho Kyu-Hyun) || Part 1 || Part 2 ||

Confesseion (Cho Kyu-Hyun) || Part 1 || Part 2 ||

Could It Be love ( Lee Dong-Hae) || Part 1 || Part 2 ||

Abnormal Family Series || Kembalikan PSP-ku! || Photo || Complete || Abnormal Family || Happiness ||

—- Ficlet —-

Because I Love You (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

—- Drabble —-

Senja Di Pantai Mokpo (Lee Dong-Hae)

Always Together (Lee Tae-Min)

Melepasmu (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

Lost (Wu Yi-Fan)


So Long Time (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

My Only One (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

No Title (Cho Kyu-Hyun)

Back To You (Lee Dong-Hae)

How Can I (Kim Ye-Sung)


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